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legal-translation-teamOur translators are our most important asset! The selection process is strict enough to filter applicants and recruit only the high profile candidates. We believe in specialization and therefore our translators translate only to their mother tongue. The result is a flawless text that reflects the culture and sounds natural!

Our translators have long experience in various fields. Once we receive a project, we scan the translators to find out the most suitable translator to the material to be translated. We believe in specialization and therefore we do not assign a job to a translator until we make sure they have the necessary experience and a proven record in the subject matter.

We are open to feedback to enhance and develop our translators. Over the past years, we listened to our clients, received their feedback, and followed their advice in order to keep a proven record of successful projects and long term partnerships! We believe that nobody is infallible, but also we believe that nothing is impossible!