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About Us Elite and Prominent Provider of Translation and Interpretation

Sphinx Legal Translation founded in 2011, is an emerging leader in the translation and content localization service provider. Today, translation services are essential to the successful operation of businesses of every size in the global market place.

With its constant hard work and blessings of its clients, the company has the privilege of becoming one of the most prominent legal translation companies in the UAE market.

Sphinx Legal Translation is the fully integrated translation and localization service provider with a global service model. Sphinx Legal Translation enables clients to get speedy, accurate and native translation through a combination of process strategies, technology leverages and e-business collaboration.

We work with different language pairs and provide translation into almost every spoken languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Swedish. Our qualified and friendly team of translators, proofreaders and style editors ensures that our translation is of a high quality, uses the appropriate terminology, carefully renders all the nuances and style, reads well and is accurate.

Sphinx Legal Translation understands the importance of quality and reliability and this comes at the forefront of everything we do. Past experience has allowed us to be in a position to be able to work with some of the finest and most talented professional language translators from every background around the globe.

When you choose to work in partnership with a translation company, we are the first choice for some of the largest companies and brands in the world, with an inbuilt capacity for specialization across most sectors.

Team of Sphinx Legal Translation is made up of young, committed, and highly motivated employees who have made it their job to simplify the entire translation process, not only for clients but also for translators.

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Sphinx Legal Translation is an elite and prominent provider of translation and interpretation services based in Dubai, UAE.


We – as certified and sworn translators – are highly specialized in the field of legal translation of any kind of documents and securities from Arabic to English and vice versa. We do our best to enhance the ability of individuals, governments, official and non-official organizations and corporations to eliminate and resolve language cultural barriers, creating an open global communication business environment, we are thoroughly represented in the industry and often pair clients with suitable and highly qualified translators and interpreters to take on long term positions within a given company.

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We cater to clients from a wide spectrum of industries at a very wide range.

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Sphinx Legal Translation was founded on a select group of principles that dictate how the company holds itself above other firms in the industry of translation. Sphinx Legal Translation is committed to promoting focused services, dedication to its craft and steadfast adherence to its standards.
Our focused service platform allows us to direct our resources in a market-appropriate environment with the flexibility to keep up with changing market demands. Sphinx Legal Translation is committed to ensuring the best possible connection between English and Arabic translation services. We have chosen not to dilute our product by operating under the “pretence” of a universal translation service. It is this focus that has made Sphinx Legal Translation’s name.